Innovation and quality since 1925

Masonite® believes that a door is more than just a door. Doors are backdrops of cherished memories. A warm greeting to your family and friends. A symbol of your values and your tastes.

For over 85 years, Masonite® has been recognized as one of America’s most innovative door manufacturers. The company’s research, design, and development processes is recognized as an industry leader. Reed Doors & Windows, your local door company in Webster, Texas, is a proud Masonite® dealer.

Solutions that fit you

If there’s an opening, then there’s a Masonite® door for it! We are pleased to offer Masonite’s comprehensive line of exterior and interior doors.

Styling & Architecture

Masonite® stays true to its heritage with designs that are based upon the craftmanship of rich millwork. There are hundreds of designs available for you to choose from.

Innovation and Performance

Each Masonite® door is developed from extensive research and development for best build quality and performance. The company’s design process and materials are geared towards ensuring longevity, protecting against wear, and upholding standards of great craftmanship. In fact, Masonite’s research and development center based in Chicago is the largest of its kind in the industry.

Quality and Confidence

You can be assured that when you purchase your Masonite® door from Reed Doors & Windows in Webster, TX, you will get a door of impeccable quality and strength. The manufacturer puts its products through a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure build quality, impact resistance, wear resistance, and durability.