Durable Aluminum Replacement Windows

Strength and Security with Energy Efficient Aluminum Replacement Windows

For Aluminum Replacement Windows, our DYC brand competes as the top-of-the-line for durability, efficiency and strength. What sets DYC apart from the rest?

  • Insulated Thermal Barriers in frames and sashes reduce HEAT + COLD transfer dramatically.
  • Heavy-duty Metal Spiral Balances for dependable, smooth and maintenance free operation. No ropes or pulleys to wear or break.
  • Safety Tilt Latches allow sashes to tilt in for easy cleaning, while a safety lock prevents children from accidentally tilting the window.
  • Thermally Insulated Glass system utilizes nonconductive spacers that retard heat and cold transfer through the edge of the glass.
  • Interlock Systems lock both sashes together to prevent high winds from separating them, providing a tighter seal and added security.
  • Aluminum Glazing Beads hold up to the sun’s damaging UV rays, and will not crack and warp like common plastic glazing beads. These glazing beads eliminate the possibility of air and water leakage.
  • DYC aluminum windows are substantially stronger than competitive brands, which is especially important for supporting heavy insulated glass.
  • DYC aluminum windows are available in a choice of three colors.