Restoration Services

Restore a Beautiful Finish to Your Door

Refinish and Restoration Services

Bring back the beauty of your doors! Reed Doors & Windows can make your dull, weathered doors look like new again. Our refinish process is the best in the business. In addition we can provide replacement hardware, weather-strip and leaded glass repairs.

Reed Doors & Windows uses only the finest materials and craftsmanship to deliver the highest possible quality on every job.

Our Refinishing Process Beautifies Any Size Entry Door

Our Step-by-step Process

Step 1

We carefully remove the door from hinges and replace it with a temporary non-operating door. The door is brought back to our shop and then existing hardware is removed. We then mask any glass and unaffected door edges

Step 2

Your old finish is stripped away using a commercial stripper ad a good bit of elbow grease. After cleaning this away, we begin sanding the wood to remove the old stain. We hand detail all the moldings, edges, and corners. Any cracks and separations are filled. The stain is then applied. After the stain has dried the first coat of finish is brushed on.

Step 3

The door is sanded with a medium grit sandpaper, wiped clean and the second coat of finish is applied.

Step 4

The door is sanded with a fine grit sandpaper, wiped clean and the third coat of finish is applied.

Step 5

After the final coat is dry, the door is detailed and readied for reinstallation.

Maintenance for refinished doors: Every 2 or 3 months, wipe the finish clean with a damp cloth and use Formby’s Almond Luster on the door following manufacturer’s instructions.
Additional coats of finish may be applied as frequently as every six to eighteen months.