Low ‘E’ Glass and Argon

Energy Efficient Solutions for Replacement Windows

Energy efficient Low-E (“Low-emissivity”) coated glass can make a dramatic difference in energy savings and comfort. Typically, Low-E coated double-paned glass is filled with harmless Argon to increase energy efficiency and decrease heat conductivity.

  • Cooler in Summer. The total solar energy transmitted through Low-E glass is almost 50% less than standard insulating glass.
  • Transmits Visible Light. About 88% of desirable visible light transmitted through this glass allows the exterior appearance to be similar to clear glass while providing glare control in bright, sunny climates.
  • Reduces Ultraviolet Energy. Low-E glass helps protect interior furnishings, fabrics and carpets from fading.
  • Warmer in Winter. The insulating value reduces heat loss and heating costs in cold winter climates.